Pharmaceuticals & Medical Supplies

At Illini Clinic Pharmacy, we specialize in keeping healthcare providers and patients equipped to tend to their own needs. We provide prescription refills, over-the-counter medicines, medication compounding, and other medical supplies. We provide medicine consultations to assist you with taking the appropriate medication and using the appropriate medical supplies for your specific ailment. We have everything you need at Illini Clinic Pharmacy.

Prescription Refills & Delivery

When you need your prescription refilled, turn to Illini Clinic Pharmacy. We fill both new prescriptions and current prescriptions. Because we are a local pharmacy, we do not have long, extensive wait lines. For your convenience, we also offer free prescription delivery services.
  • New Prescriptions
  • Prescription Refills
  • Prescription Transfers
  • Prescription Delivery

OTC Medicine

In addition to prescription medication, Illini Clinic Pharmacy also has a large inventory of over-the-counter medications. From allergy medication to headache relief, we have you covered. We will assist you in easily finding exactly what you need. Avoid the large stores and long waits with Illini Clinic Pharmacy.
  • Allergy Medication
  • Anti-Acid Medicine
  • Cold & Cough Medicine
  • Pain Relief Medicine
  • Wound Supplies
  • and much more

Medication Compounding

At Illini Clinic Pharmacy, we will work with you and your doctor to customize the medication that you need. We provide medication compounding services to combine medicines for your convenience. Medication compounding is ideal for unique dosage requirements, improved medication taste, or to reproduce a discontinued drug.

Other Supplies

We also provide additional medical supplies including diabetic supplies, ostomy supplies, and other home health care supplies. In addition, we offer rentals and sales of Medela breast pumps.


Not certain what would work best for your ailment? Stop by Illini Clinic Pharmacy for a free consultation. Our knowledgeable pharmacists will discuss different options for your specific condition. We are your source for medical supplies, prescriptions, and non-prescription drugs.